Quantum photonics & information

Quantum photonics & information

Research activities

The Quantum Photonics & Information team is one of the leading group in the field of quantum photonics engineering and technologies. Its research topics lie in fundamental and applied quantum optics and information. More specifically, photonic systems operating in the telecom range are realized for demonstrating quantum supremacy in communication and metrology applications. Those devices, mostly based on integrated photonic circuits, make it possible to exploit simultaneously highly efficient nonlinear optical interactions and the active routing of information. This is an actual asset for the generation of on-demand engineered quantum states, based whether on discrete, continuous, or hybrid variables. These devices are developed in close collaboration with the Integrated Nonlinear Optics (ONLI) team and its technological platform (Optinil).


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Jobs & Internships

PhD and post-doc positions

Architecture et protocoles de communication quantique - Conception et mise en oeuvre spatiales”.

Les travaux de thèse se dérouleront en partenariat entre Thales Alenia Space (site Toulouse) et l’Institut de Physique de Nice (CNRS, Université Côte d’Azur).

Détails du sujet et site de candidature :

- Site de description du projet de thèse : https://cnes.fr/fr/les-ressources-humaines-du-cnes/architecture-et-protocoles-de-telecommunications-quantiques

- Site pour déposer sa candidature : https://cnes.fr/fr/consulter-les-offres


Pour toute information complémentaire, les candidat.e.s sont invité.e.s à prendre contact avec :

- Mathias Van Den Bossche (Thales Alenia Space) : mathias.van-den-bossche@thalesaleniaspace.com

- Sébastien Tanzilli (Institut de Physique de Nice) : Sebastien.tanzilli@inphyni.cnrs.fr

Profil recherché :

M2 en physique quantique ou en optique quantique et/ou diplômé.e d’une grande école ou d’une école d’ingénieur.

Une culture en réseaux classique sera appréciée (pour l'analogie).

Other subjects

You can also apply for university Cote d'Azur contract, please apply here.


We regularly offer internship positions for Master (graduated) or Licence (undergraduates) degrees. If you are interested to join us, please feel free to contact one of us.


Current Projects

We are specialized in the study and the use of integrated optical devices for quantum information science operating in the telecom range. It gathers skills and experimental techniques in quantum interferometry, in multi-photon correlation measurements, high-speed quantum optics, long distance quantum communication, as well as in non-linear guided-wave optics.

Quantum  key distribution over metropolitan  network

We are developing a real-field quantum cryptographic link between two remote location in the region of Nice. It consists in the development of a broadband entanglement source and the distribution of photon pairs along a fibre link of 30km. Entanglement measurement will be performed, as well as optimization of photon pair rate using wavelength multiplexing scheme. Keywords : photon pair sources, energy-time entanglement, telecom network, wavelength multiplexing, network synchronization, guided-wave technology.

metropolitan quantum network

Collaboration : Orange lab

Contact : sebastien.tanzilli(at)univ-cotedazur.fr

Squeezed light on chip

We are also considering exploiting integrated technology to manipulate continuous variable of light. In this context, squeezed bright beams are generated and homodyne detection are performed on chip. Keywords : photon pair sources, wavelength conversion, quadrature of light, lithium niobate, integrated optics, homodyne detection.

Squeezed light on chip

Collaboration : LENS (Italy)

Contact : virginia.dauria(at)univ-cotedazur.fr

Hybrid quantum state of light

The wave-particle duality of light has led to two traditionally-separated encodings of information: a ‘discrete-variable’ (DV) approach, based for instance on single photons, and a ‘continuous-variable’ (CV) one, which relies on continuous degrees of freedom such as amplitude and phase of a light field. Hy-Light enters into the emerging but potentially powerful endeavor of performing a hybridization between DV and CV tools and concepts has been foreseen as a key approach to gather the benefits from both regimes and to circumvent their individual limitations.

Hybrid styates of light

Collaboration : LKB (France), MPQ (France)

Contact : virginia.dauria(at)univ-cotedazur.fr

Quantum simulation in waveguide arrays

Manipulation of light flow in evanescently coupled waveguide arrays holds great promise for simulation of quantum transport and interference that can be observed and manipulated in the coupled arrays. To this end, entangled photon pair will be injected in three dimension photonic structures based on direct-laser-writing platform. Mapping of the simulated Hamiltonian over a 3D photonic structure is a key task. Keywords : Boson sampling, Bose-Hubbard model, path entanglement, laser written waveguide, entangled photon pairs, quantum simulation.

waveguide arrays

Collaboration :

Contact : olivier.alibart(at)univ-cotedazur.fr

High speed quantum networking

High-speed quantum networking is also a great challenge of quantum technologies. Two-photon interference is at the heart of quantum network and the challenge lies in the accurate synchronisation of independent photon pair sources. We have developed an original all-optical synchronisation protocol enabling 10GHz operation rate. High-speed measurement of two-photon interference of independent photon pair source is to be performed. Keywords : optical frequency conversion, quantum networking, two-photon interference, clock synchronisation, photon pair source, time-bin entanglement.


Collaboration :

Contact : virginia.dauria(at)univ-cotedazur.fr

Quantum  metrology

The project aims at exploiting the supremacy of quantum optical metrology over classical methods for assessing and refining specialty fiber properties with unprecedented accuracy and reliability. The development of a quantum-based plug-and-play chromatic dispersion measurement benchtop stands as the cornerstone of the project. It will serve as a key enabling tool all along the project for fiber qualification, with direct and efficient feedback to the design and manufacturing process flow. Keywords : Two-photon interference, energy-time entanglement, chromatic dispersion, photon pair.

quantum metrology

Collaboration : XLIM (France)

Contact : laurent.labonte(at)univ-cotedazur.fr

Silicon quantum photonics

Developing a novel, silicon based, integrated quantum photonics platform showing gradually augmented and beyond state-of-the-art capabilities. Our ambition lies in the dense integration of both linear and non-linear optical functionalities enabling, on single substrates, the generation, the routing, the advanced manipulation, as well as the detection, of photonic quantum states. The addressed challenges are multiple and have not been tackled so far on chip: i) achievement of standard and heralded two-photon entanglement demonstrators, ii) simulation of quantum operators based on arrays of coupled waveguides, and iii) development of high bit-rate quantum cryptography protocols based on multi-frequency coding.

silicon photonics

Collaboration : C2N (France), LEAT (France), INRIA (France)

Contact : laurent.labonte(at)univ-cotedazur.fr

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