Un schéma de synchronisation plug-and-play universel pour des réseaux quantiques réalistes

Article publié dans NPJ Quantum Information

Des chercheurs de INPHYNI viennent de publier un article intitulé "A universal, plug-and-play synchronisation scheme for practical quantum networks" dans la revue NPJ Quantum Information.


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We propose and experimentally demonstrate a plug-and-play, practical, and enabling method allowing to synchronise the building blocks of a quantum network in an all-optical way. Our scheme relies on mature and reliable classical telecommunication and non-linear optical technologies, and can be implemented in a universal way with off-the-shelf components. Compared to already reported solutions, it allows achieving high-quality synchronisation compatible with high network-operation rate and is free from opto-electronic jitters affecting servo-loop-based configurations. We test our scheme with a genuine quantum optical method in terms of the interference between two photons coming from two remotely synchronised sources spaced by distances of up to 100 km. Measured visibilities well above 90% confirm the validity of our approach. Due its simplicity and high-quality performance, our scheme paves the way for the synchronisation of long-distance quantum networks based on fibre, free-space, as well as hybrid solutions.


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A universal, plug-and-play synchronisation scheme for practical quantum networks

Virginia d'Auria, Bruno Fedrici, Lutfi Arif Ngah, Florian Kaiser, Laurent Labonté, Olivier Alibart, Sébastien Tanzilli

NPJ Quantum Information, vol. 6, art. 21, 2020



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Virgina d'Auria, virginia.dauria@inphyni.cnrs.fr

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