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"Editor’s suggestion" et "Featured in Physics" pour un article paru dans Physical Review Letters

L’article "Superpropulsion of Droplets and Soft Elastic Solids", co-écrit par Christophe Raufaste, Cyrille Claudet et Franck Celestini, de InPhyNi, en collaboration avec des collègues du NICE Lab IMREDD (Université Côte d'Azur), a reçu un "Editor’s choice" et "Featured in Physics" lors de sa publication dans Physical Review Letters.

Publication : 16/11/2017
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We investigate the behavior of droplets and soft elastic objects propelled with a catapult. Experiments show that the ejection velocity depends on both the projectile deformation and the catapult acceleration dynamics. With a subtle matching given by a peculiar value of the projectile/catapult frequency ratio, a 250% kinetic energy gain is obtained as compared to the propulsion of a rigid projectile with the same engine. This superpropulsion has strong potentialities: actuation of droplets, sorting of objects according to their elastic properties, and energy saving for propulsion engines.

"Superpropulsion of Droplets and Soft Elastic Solids", C. Raufaste et al., Physical Review Letters, Volume119, 108001 (2017)