Couverture de Physical Review Letters

L'article co-écrit par Harunori N. Yoshikawa sélectionné en tant que Editors' suggestion et mis en avant dans Physics

L'article "Inwardly Rotating Spirals in a Nonoscillatory Medium" co-écrit par Harunori N. Yoshikawa, chercheur à INPHYNI, Christian Mathis, Shu Satoh, et Yuji Tasaka a fait la couverture du numéro de Physical Review Letters lors de sa publication. Il a par ailleurs été sélectionné en tant que Editors' suggestions et mis en avant dans

Spontaneous formation of spiral liquid curtains is realized in a laboratory experiment. Curtains fall from a horizontal thin film of liquid maintained by a continuous liquid supply. Through the breaking of chiral symmetry, curtains wind up around a core to form spirals.

Different from spirals observed in many other pattern-forming systems, curtains behave as antispirals, i.e., they rotate with their spiral arms leading the direction of rotation. Harunori Yoshikawa of Fluides complexes team of InPhyNi determined, with Christian Mathis (Laboratoire Dieudonné) and their colleagues of Hokkaido University in Japan, the temporal and geometrical characteristics of observed spirals by image analysis. They developed a simple cellular automaton to reveal the mechanism of pattern formation.



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