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Séminaire de Pierre-François Brevet

Nonlinear Optics with Composites : Liquids and Plasmonic Nanoparticles

13/07/2018   :   10h55
Publication : 13/07/2018
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Nonlinear optics, the realm of optics describing elementary phenomena involving simultaneously several photons, obeys specific symmetry rules. For instance, in media possessing inversion symmetry, the generation of coherent frequency doubling, namely, the conversion of two photons at a fundamental frequency into a single photon at twice the harmonic frequency, is normally forbidden. Hence, three photon processes like efficient second harmonic generation can only be produced in non centrosymmetry crystals for instance. On the opposite, four photon processes are not subjected to this rule.


In this presentation, I will present quadratic nonlinear optics first with liquids and centrosymmetric nano-objects like plasmonic nanoparticles where second harmonic scattering can still survive. Through several examples, the information gained on the structure of the systems will be detailed. Then, cubic nonlinear optics will be discussed for metallic nanoparticles where the symmetry rule vanishes. Finally, application of the nonlinear birefringence induced in a metal-dielectric nanocomposite, where the composite is a liquid, due to the contributions of third-order optical nonlinearities and beyond will be addressed in the case of propagation.



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