Séminaire de Jean Etesse

20/09/2019 Valrose

Solid-state ensembles for quantum information manipulation over large distances and long durations

Distribution and storage of the quantum information are cornerstones of the birth of quantum networks, and a key ingredient to develop them is the quantum memory. Such a device allows the storage and retrieval of quantum information, without having to destroy it in the process. Many systems have been investigated in order to implement these memories, but I will focus during this presentation on the atomic frequency comb protocol in rare-earth ion doped crystal, that we are currently developing at the University of Geneva. I will present the proof of performances of these ensemble-based memories, ranging from their `quantumness', their multimodality, their functioning at the single photon level and their long duration storage capability. These memories can also be used to implement quantum repeaters with the so-called DLCZ scheme, as I will show.

In a second part of the presentation, I will talk about the project I will develop during my position at Inphyni, which concerns the integration of these kind of solid-state memories. Amongst many advantages, this will open new horizons in terms of scalability, efficiency and stability.

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