Physique théorique (PT) Fibres Optiques et Applications (FOA)   Microfluidique, physico-chimie et biologie aux interfaces (MIMIC)

Quantum and wave physics is behind a wide range of technological and societal innovations. The Waves and Quantum Physics research axis groups different teams whose theoretical and experimental strengths are internationally recognized. The breadth of expertise includes wave propagation in complex media and theoretical physics, as well as the physics of cold atoms and strongly-correlated quantum gases.

Photonics is the science of the generation, control, and detection of light. In this area, the research at INPHYNI ranges from the analysis of physical and dynamic phenomena (classical and quantum) to the development of photonic materials, components, and systems. More specifically, research topics include:

  • dynamics of complex optical systems,
  • biophotonics and neuroscience,
  • light modulation,
  • adaptive holographic systems,
  • control methods for ultra-short laser pulses,
  • special fiber optics for optical telecommunication, laser sources, amplifiers, and sensors,
  • optical parametric oscillators and frequency converters,
  • quantum optics-enhanced metrology,
  • long-distance quantum communication systems. 

The research groups of the Photonics axis have numerous academic collaborators, both nationally and internationally, as well as industrial partners such as THALES, FASTLITE, Prysmian, and various small and medium-sized businesses.

This axis joins 5 research groups around non-linear physics, complex fluids, and biophysics. Experimental, numerical, and theoretical approaches are all used to tackle problems in these areas.