"Poster" Prize award given to Zhuorui Lu

Poster presented during preATAM international conference.

The Best Poster award was given to Zhuorui Lu, PhD student in the team Fiber Optics and Applications, during the preATAM international conference (13-15 October 2020). This prize honors a work conducted in collaboration between INPHYNI and CEMEF (Sophia Antipolis, France).


Abstract of the poster:

Luminescent properties in optical fibers are usually obtained by incorporating rare earth elements (REE). However, REE has low solubility in silica glass and high phonon energy of the matrix could result in low quantum emission efficiency. In order to achieve a waveguide that could attain stronger REE signal, nanoparticles embedded optical fibers have been designed: REE is encapsulated inside the particles, which are dispersed in silica glass[1].
Reducing Rayleigh scattering by controlling particles size is essential in these nanostructured fibers. But the drawing step necessitates a high temperature at around 2000°C, which can be detrimental for nanoparticles size regulation, when the particles are already in the preform. A brand new approach has been proposed: the top-down method[2]. Here, the high temperature deformation of glass preforms during the drawing step could promote break-ups of large particles into tailored small particles. Noticeable elongation is accompanied along the break-up phenomenon.
In this work, drawing temperature, velocity and tension were taken into account for modifying the particles size and shape. EDX measurements confirm the unity of composition along the fiber. Being rather special, the morphology of these  nanoparticles are examined by SEM, it shows a strong relation with drawing tension. These results provide a new way to fabricate nanoparticles embedded optical fibers as well as to tailor their optical properties.

[1] A. Veber et al., Nano-Structured Optical Fibers Made of Glass-Ceramics, and Phase Separated and Metallic Particle-Containing Glasses, Fibers, vol. 7, 2019, 105.
[2] M. Vermillac et al., Fiber-Draw-Induced Elongationand Break-up of Particles Inside the Core of a Silica-Based Optical Fiber, Journal of the American Ceramics Society, vol.100, 2017, 1814.


Authors : Zhuorui Lu, Wilfried Blanc, Franck Pigeonneau

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