Maurice Couette 2018 Prize

The Maurice Couette Prize was awarded this year to Elisabeth Lemaire, DR CNRS.

The Maurice Couette Prize was awarded to Elisabeth Lemaire, CNRS DR, at the 53rd Congress of the French Group of Rheology which took place in Brest from October 29 to 31, 2018. This prize rewards work done in close collaboration with Frédéric Blanc, Laurent Lobry and François Peters. Through numerical and experimental approaches, this work has contributed to a change in the vision of the rheology of suspensions by showing that there are solid contacts between particles in the suspensions under flow and that the rheology is mainly controlled by these contacts and not by hydrodynamic forces as was often considered.

"In 1993, the French Rheology Group wanted to win an award to recognize and reward excellence in rheology work by a researcher working at a university or public research center in France.

First Grand Prix of the GFR, this recognition is since 2005 associated with the name of Maurice Couette, French rheologist of the first hour. Since its creation, this prize awarded by the GFR and amounting to 3000 euros, has been supported continuously in a rotation, tri-annual first, then annual, by the companies Anton Paar, Malvern, Rheo, TA and Thermo."

Extract from GFR website.

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