Best "Poster" award given to Gilbert Duncan

Best "Poster" presented during the Congress of the French Group of Rheology.

The Best Poster award was given to Gilbert Duncan, PhD student in the team Concentrated suspensions rheology, during the 54th Congress of the French Group of Rheology (23-35 October 2019, Montpellier, France). This prize honors a work conducted in collaboration between INPHYNI and CEMEF (Sophia Antipolis, France).


Abstract of the poster:

Rheology of hard sphere suspension is an active domain which had great contributions in 2012 that shown the importance of the friction in the all flow process.  Since the contact is driven by the surface of contact, we managed to change the Young modulus to tunes the friction and change the rheology. By using PDMS particles, which are a thousand times softer than 'conventionnal hard sphere' we discovered that there is an universal scaling law that scales all the system for all the stresses.

Authors: Duncan GILBERT, Rudy VALETTE, Céline COHEN, Elisabeth LEMAIRE

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